DIY Furniture Projects that Are Worth the Time and Energy

Some DIY furniture projects require more time and energy than they are worth. However, you can go for DIY projects that are less laborious and will not make you look insane.

Marble and gold table

You can make the table and use it to hold your drinks and snacks. It can also act as a decorating item in your house.


Building a daybed with a budget of as low as $300 is just amazing. You can make one for yourself and save the money and time of buying one.

Stikwood headboard

Some people like upholstered headboards because they are cool. But you can try a swanky version of a headboard. The good thing is that you can build it yourself.

Tufted ottoman

A coffee table can be fitted with tufted ottomans, but they are expensive. Therefore, you better make one for your home. You only need basic upholstery and carpentry skills, and you are good to go.

Industrial pipe shelving

You can make an unconventional shelf in your home. The shelf can be used to keep your books and other materials. You only need to spare a few hours, and the shelf will be up in place.

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