The Workshop

Students will join a group of like-minded people who have a similar passion for woodworking in the workshop. This will be a warm, lively, and relaxed working environment instead of the usual sterile and cold studio.

There are several woodworking workshops where students study and create woodwork arts. The workshops have multiple hand tools that are meant for facilitating attentive and detailed works.

The workshop complex has machining rooms, a communal area, and an art studio. The communal area is meant for holding discussions on progress or for any other gathering.

We encourage students to view the workshop as the workspace to showcase their creativity and the skills learned from the drawing and creative classes. Students should surround themselves with creativity and make the workshop a home away from home.

There are several top bench rooms, and each room has several benches. Students can feel comfortable while working in these rooms if they maintain safety, etiquette, and creativity.

Like the one-week course, some courses are done in small groups because the students need to focus on learning a lot in a short time. In the workshops, you can see completed projects done by the students who have been in the workshops before.

In the workshops, students can get to experience our various facilities in person. They can also see the hand tools, machines, and complete woodwork projects in person, and develop a passion for woodworking.

The experience is breathtaking, which explains why most students always come back for more courses. Those who take the one week or one month course always come back for the six months course.