Furniture and Home Décor Projects You Can Make From 2x4s

There are several ideas they can choose from for those interested in making home décor or furniture projects from 2x4s. You do not have to be experienced to make this furniture.

Wooden 2x4s are generally cheap and can be bought at any home improvement store near you. These DIYs are so easy, and you can even do them during your free time.

Stocking hangers

You can make stocking hangers from the 2×4 pieces that are left after working on other projects. You only need to nail two pieces together and add a hook to hang the stocking. You can as well decorate it.

Knockoff charging station

You need a piece of 2×4 and a drilling tool. Make a hole in the wood piece, and make sure that your phone fits precisely in that hole. From there, you can place your phone in the station when charging.

Family décor

You can make wooden décor for your family. It would be best if you had 2×4 leftover pieces and some decorating paint. Paint the pieces and decorate them to your preferred theme. Finally, you can add any wording you wish. That can be a gorgeous décor for your home.

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