Six Months Course

There is also the option of taking a six months woodworking course. For students who would wish to immerse themselves deeply into the world of woodworking, this is the best course to take.

Students can gain practical skills and make their own furniture projects in the workshop. Besides being guided by our expert tutors, students will also have access to various specialist equipment in the studio.

Students will learn necessary skills such as basic carpentry and progress to learn fine furniture making within the six months of training. The tutors have prepared woodworking exercises that are perfect for beginners and experienced furniture makers.

Through the exercises, you will hone your skills and find yourself completing the projects with ease. You will be introduced to basic joinery works such as cross halving, planing, and marking out in the beginning.

You will learn how to use the mallet, trestles, and mortice, and tenon. Additionally, our expert tutors will show you how to plane and cut lines accurately by being keen on detail.

As you learn how to use all the tools in the workshop, you will be trained to use the machines and power tools efficiently and safely. By the end of the course, you should make your own workbench.