One Week Short Courses

We also offer week-long courses where you will learn the basics of woodworking and the tools used. This course will give you total control of the art as our expert tutors guide you on the basic principles applied in woodworking.

For a whole week, students can stay behind the benches in the furniture building workshop and learn as they experience the theories they are taught. Hands-on training and experience will hone your woodworking skills and elevate you to the standard level of woodwork professional in a week.

Here, you will learn various necessary skills such as sharpening tools through professional methods. You will also learn how to use the bench plane and chisel properly. Moreover, you will also learn how to use hand tools. Our experts will show you how you should hold the tools in relation to your body posture.

At the end of the course, you will know how to create dimensioned components, dead flat surfaces, and work with various simple tools. You will find out how to cut the pieces of work and the tools appropriate for each task.

Within one week, you will gain the knowledge needed to make simple joints according to specific dimensions accurately and achieve perfect fits. With the skills acquired in this course, you will be ready to practice woodwork in different setups.