One Month Course

This woodworking course is perfect for those who want to get deeper into this art. You will start with the basics and progress to learn all the fundamental woodworking skills for a whole month.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people and passionate tutors ready to share their woodworking skills during the course. You will be introduced to the foundational woodworking hand tools and skills on how to use them.

The course also entails projects that the tutors will assess before proceeding to the next challenge. The project tests will become increasingly complex as students move through the four weeks of training at the bench.

The course will involve learning skills such as cross halving, plane, and wood pieces accurately. It also entails learning how to use hand tools such as breadboards, mallets, mortice, and tenon.

Students are also guided on making winding sticks, French polished and dovetailed boxes, and bookends. The making of the box is the course’s culmination as it is a challenging and refined project.

If the students can make the French polished and dovetailed box perfectly, they have mastered the course.

The project involves using multiple hand tools and numerous planing and cutting skills, which show the student has mastered the woodworking art.